Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 28!

Day 28: Pamper yourself!

I happened too be TOO busy pampering myself yesterday, that I didn't have the opportunity to write! (I also turned the big 2-5 yesterday, so let's use that as an excuse too!)

As I was researching yesterday ways to pamper myself, I came accross this blog of 10 ways to show yourself some love. If you read the 10 ways, you'll likely see some similarities between the November project and the list: forgive, journal, be grateful, and have 'me' time; who knew that we were actually pampering ourselves the entire month?

But, the way I most enjoyed on here was "Use Your own Love Strategy". Have you ever read the 5 languages of love? Hands down, I give love through physical affection (anyone that's ever met me knows I'm a hugger), but I like to receive love through words of praise. So yesterday, this blog suggested to use your own love stratergy for yourself. For me, it suggested:

Words of praise: Pay yourself a compliment. Write yourself a love letter telling yourself what you love about you. Write “You are lovable” on your mirror and read it every morning, out loud, five times.

It's funny thinking about it, I rarely take time to think about what I actually enjoy about myself; I feel like I'm always making goals to improve rather than focus on the good.

So, yesterday, I reminded myself, especially in honor of my birthday, that I've made a difference in other's lives and that I am a good person. No matter how clumsy, unmotivated to stay on a steady workout plan, or bad with cellular devices I am, I genuinely enjoy being me.

What's you're love language? How would you show yourself some love with it?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 26!

Day 26: Do something Seasonal

It's November 26. Thanksgiving has come and gone. Christmas is just under one month away, but it's hard for me to get into the holiday spirit. Maybe it's that the fact it's 70 degrees in Memphis or I haven't purchased any Christmas gifts yet.

So to get in the spirit, I did a few very seasonal things: I decorated my Christmas tree, I drank hot chocolate, listened to the N'SYNC Christmas CD, and finished my seasonal tasks by watching Elf.

Even after all this.... I'm still not in the Holiday Spirit. A big part of thinks this is because, no matter the decorations, music, or Christmas traditions, the season won't feel right until December 21, when I'm back in Pennsylvania.

Today, while I did seasonal things, I remembered what the season is all about- spending time with family & loved ones; it's a season of sharing, caring, and giving. For me, the real "seasonal" things will fall in December.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 24!

Day 24: Give thanks!

I am the luckiest.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve to be so blessed. Today, I want to share a few reasons why I am thankful this (& every) year.

  1. My family:
    No matter how many random states I move to or strange decisions I make, my family has 100% supported me. I am the luckiest to have such wonderful people in my life; thank you for loving me.

  2. My Memphis "family"
    Living in Memphis for just about 2 years now, I have made friendships that I'm certain will last a lifetime, and definitely memories that will last that long too. Thanks for the memories :)

  3. My Pennsy loves:
    Whoever warned me back in 2005 that I wouldn't stay friends with my friends during high school, was terribly mistaken; and for this, I'm thankful. Thank you for being a friend through all the years.

  4. My Wingate Sisters:
    Wingate, NC is the third place I've called home during my almost (ick) 25 years. Wingate quickly became my home away from home when I joined Chi Omega. If there hadn't been you, I don't know where I would be. Thank you for making my college experience.

  5. & Of course Thank you for the music. :)
Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 23!

Day 23: Six Word Memoir.

Sitting around a kitchen table eating turkey and stuffing, I think to myself...

I didn't write that damn blog post yesterday.

I am reminded by Holly's mom that she can't find Day 23, and by Matt that I need to find my motivation again, as we only have a week left. So here goes today in all of its six word memoir joy.

I went to the website first, and found some beautiful, some depressing, and some inspirational six word memoirs.

"Losing a mother. Gaining an angel."
"You don't complete me. I do."
"Best foot forward--cast and all."
"Come home. You're needed here too."

I love the creativity of this project, but I hate the limitations that it seems to put on life. Boiling it down to only six words? No.

You are more than your mother's death.
You are more than your quest for individuality.
You are more than your injuries.
You are more than your nostalgia.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am more than six words. Hell, I'm more than a resume. I'm more than a first impression conversation. I'm more than Twitter's 180 character limit. I am more than even I know, yet.

My six word memoir?

"Yes, I am more than this."

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 22!

Day 22: Do Something you've been putting off.

Have you ever received a Christmas card from me? The answer is most likely ... no.

In 2009, my first Christmas out of college, I purchased Christmas cards to send out. I figured, being all-grown up, it was time to send out my own Christmas cards. For some reason, I never found the motivation to send them. I'm not sure if it's the hustle & bustle of the holiday or the laziness of looking up everyone's address, but I didn't send them in 2009.... or 2010.

So this year, I vowed to actually finish the task: my loved ones would receive Christmas cards from me! Tonight, I made my mailing lists, purchased stamps, and I, even, addressed the envelopes.

Today, I accomplished something that I have been putting off for 2 years. I've done something that I should never put off: recognize the people I care about on a Holiday.

(This is my promise NO ONE will be on a generic thoughtless seasonal message list... this year!)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 21!

Day 21: Make a resolution.

I know giving thanks near Thanksgiving is incredibly cliche. Something more Hollyish.

I've noticed a giant clash in my life between being grateful on Thanksgiving for what I have, and worrying about what more I need, and what others need, for Christmas. I'll try and be positive by being grateful for how my life is at this moment, but when I'm Christmas shopping for family members and friends, I only see the things in my life that I don't have.

That steak knife set? I could use one of those.
Those sparkly bandaids? Those are pretty awesome. Why can't my life be more awesome?
That rose-gold watch? My cell-phone makes it so difficult to check the time. I could use a watch.

Really, wanting more is exhausting and completely unsatisfying.

So when I say I'm making a resolution to be more thankful, I'm not just talking about giving thanks in my prayers and occasionally to the people around me on one holiday a year. I want to start living my life, today, where I'm grateful for the lean pocket I'm eating at lunch, the apartment I have to go back to at the end of the day, and the car I drive home in, no matter how many times it breaks down on me, and no matter how much ridicule I get for driving a PT Cruiser. There's no more room for crying about finances, and no more sitting, waiting, wishing.

So even though it's cliche, please don't forget to be thankful for your life. As it is. Right now. Today.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 20!

Day 20: Make a full course meal, from scratch!

Cooking for one is just not fun for me, which makes me a little kitchen clueless. Most of my "meals" consist of frozen pizza, lean cuisines, peanut butter sandwiches, and sometimes I get really fancy and make... tacos. I rarely have a delicious home cooked meal.

So, today for lunch, after much research, I found multiple resources to help me with my lonely cooking!

I dug out my cute owl apron that I haven't touched in months (I mean, if I'm slaving in the kitchen, I might as well look cute) and got to it!

Course 1:
Salad w/homemade Italian Dressing
Who knew dressing was SO easy to make yourself?

Course 2:
Lasagna for one
(ok, I didn't make the noodles, but I did shave the cheese by myself!)

Course 3:
Peanut butter Brownies.

Now, I think I've realized cooking for one doesn't have to be such a curse. I just really wish tomorrow was "Day 29: Exercise!'